"After a trauma the world is experienced with a different nervous system." -Bessel A. van der Kolk


What is Trauma-Informed Yoga Therapy?

Any type of traumatic event can overwhelm a person’s ordinary coping mechanisms or survival responses leaving one to experience the world and the body as unsafe. Trauma Informed Yoga Therapy is a body-based modality that can support trauma survivors in reconnecting with and feeling safe in their body and mind, and in their relationships and communities. It is an empirically validated therapy that is complementary to other therapies.

Through grounding, movement, breathing and mindfulness techniques, Trauma Informed Yoga Therapy can support your journey while teaching self-regulating tools for a more robust, empowered and resilient You. Through my compassionate energy, choice of language and understanding of trauma, the Polyvagal Theory and the nervous system, I teach from a strength-based perspective believing that you already posses the abilities and resources to heal and experience meaningful change. Together we can create an individualized program to tap into those resources to support you in reclaiming your pathway to possibilities.

*It is important that you feel comfortable with any professional you choose to work with. Please contact me to arrange a free 15 minute phone consultation to see if my services would be best suited for you/your group and your needs.

Richelle is a deeply committed yoga teacher and practitioner. She brings a profound reverence and knowledge to her students, particularly in the field of trauma informed yoga. Richelle has devoted her life’s’ work to being of service to others and reliably supports them with a rare combination of compassion, professionalism, skill and above all, a loving and safe presence. Anyone who has the chance to walk the path with her would be in the most loving of hands.
— Nicole Marcia, MA, Trauma Informed Yoga Therapist, Fine Balance Yoga

Group Programing:

I offer customizable Trauma-Informed Yoga programming and have service packages available. If you are interested in bringing Trauma-Informed Yoga programming into your workplace or organization, please contact me.


Organizations I Work With/Have Worked With:

-Squamish Firefighters Association

-Boreal Wellness, Trauma-Informed Yoga for Public Safety Personel

-Soldier On in collaboration with Whistler Adaptive Sports

-Hawkes Program in collaboration with Whistler Adaptive Sports

-Volunteer Yoga Teacher with Yoga Outreach

-Pacifica Treatment Center

-Chopra Addictions and Wellness Center

While the effects of repeated or prolonged exposures to traumatic events are not fully understood, progress on managing symptoms and the related stigma of mental illness has progressed in the last few years where many of my colleagues are up front with their issues and working towards mental preparedness. Richelle has assisted our unique group of first responders with a one hour per week yoga session that has helped me with grounding and mindfulness, taking the time to breathe, stretch, relax and not think about the busy lives for that hour. Richelle has worked with our members to customise the program and capture the needs of our unique group with take home exercises and grounding techniques. I would highly recommend this program for any person or group that has experiences with traumatic events and is looking for resources to build mental resilience, and function.
— Aaron Foote, Deputy Fire Chief, Squamish Fire Rescue


One-on-one sessions:

$75    Initial Session 75mins

$75    Consecutive Sessions 60mins

*All prices subject to GST

**Sliding scale available

Please contact me if you wish to seek private group bookings